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Photo Credits: Steve Werblow, The Furrow

The Winemaker

Casey Di Cesare is well-versed in Monterey County’s vineyards, but he’s never made wine quite like he does at Metz Road. An innovator with a master’s degree in enology from Cornell University, Casey brings to life the site-specific nuances of Riverview Vineyard. Working from a shipping container—upcycled and transformed into a small winery among the vines—Casey allows native wild yeast to initiate fermentation right in the vineyard. 

At a granular level, this approach means indigenous yeast and microflora found throughout the vineyard work to transform the grapes into a pure expression of the site’s terroir. Casey selects only the best vineyard blocks in a given vintage; then he and his team harvest and sort the fruit by hand.

The Chardonnay ferments in French oak, imparting greater depth and character. The Pinot Noir is punched down by hand to extract its vivid color and delicate flavor. The wines that emerge from this process are authentic to their origin—an imprint of our benchland vineyard along Metz Road.