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Riverview Vineyard

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Steeped in granitic soils and perched on a cool, windy benchland in the Salinas Valley, Riverview Vineyard conjures the extraordinary terroir of Burgundy. The vineyard’s hilly terrain is undoubtedly shaped by its proximity to Monterey Bay. Summer heat is tempered by coastal fog that rolls down through the valley each evening, blanketing the vines with cool air that helps the grapes retain their natural acidity. Meanwhile, strong valley winds whip through the hillsides, imbuing the finished wine with distinct aromatic and textural qualities. 

Myriad Pinot Noir and Chardonnay clones are planted throughout Riverview Vineyard, giving winemaker Casey di Cesare a kaleidoscope of styles to blend. And by initiating fermentation right in the vineyard—with natural yeast strains indigenous to Riverview—Casey lets the wine express a singular sense of place.